Hello LGBT


This was a project I started last year: HELLO LGBT:

We live in a technical age, yet the tradition of giving greeting cards is still part of the British social culture. Although e-cards are convenient, they still hold the stigma of being impersonal and lazy.

One of the nicest ways to convey our fondest and sincere affections for one another is through the use of greeting cards. Cards make us feel loved,” says Sharon Little, chief executive of the Greeting Cards Association.

Hello LGBT specialises in creating cards for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups. The aim of the company is to broaden the greeting card market and to give the LGBT community a charming and appealing choice of stationery.

Hello LGBT has four mascots; Lucy, Georgina, Ben and Terri representing the brand. With a fresh collection of colourful characters and striking greeting cards, and a soon-to-be-released range of wrapping paper, Hello LGBT is set change the greeting card industry for the better.