Michelle Hird


I am an illustrator, designer, photographer, painter, pyrographist, creative inventor and big dreamer.

Comes from all around me; to the books I read, to the movies I watch. Some of my best ideas usually come to me whilst in the shower or on my commute to work.

Graduating with a (BA(Hons)) in Multimedia Arts from Liverpool John Moores University at 68 Hope Street, I went into the creative industry straight away. Firstly, working for two years in the Graphic and Web Design sector for an E-commerce company called After a brief freelancing venture living in Las Vegas for 3 months I returned to another E-commerce company called where I maintained the online store by offering design and production of graphics. I also went on to design the entertainment stores in Manchester, Bury, Blackburn and Birkenhead.

Returning back to Liverpool for two years, I worked at a small Marketing and Creative Agency called Studiowide, building on my ever increasing portfolio.

However, after a crazy Hen Do in Benidorm I met the man of my dreams and we moved in together in Essex.

Currently, I am working as a Designer and Illustrator in London for a Creative Customer Communications Agency called August Media. Calico Skies and Hello LGBT are my after work hours’ business where I doodle, design, engrave and am forever-more coming up with new ideas!

Ken Pemberton,

I was lucky enough to work with Michelle for only a short time, but was extremely impressed. Given a *very* rough brief ("come up with an exciting new front-end design for our website"), she produced a stunning, fit-for-purpose concept, complete with several detailed examples, in next to no time. She had clearly thought deeply and carefully about the aims of the website, rather than just producing an impossible-to-implement graphical dream. If only all pixel-smiths were this good!

I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to any organisation that needs innovative graphic design, done quickly and professionally. She's a pleasure to work with, and has endless energy and good cheer. I'd love to work with her again someday.

Kevin Melia, Studiowide

Michelle has made a very significant contribution to the growth & success of Studiowide during her time here. She has consistently delivered quality work that was always very well received and appreciated by our clients. She is also an absolute joy to work with; her impact on the positive atmosphere of the office was fantastic for both morale and productivity. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Michelle again at some point in the future.

The Times